(To be PAID on completion - No accounts).

This service is performed on demand and can be scheduled monthly, quarterly, bi-annually or annually but should be performed at least every 12 months dependant on the operating environment especially computers.


The system is taken offline and opened up, all power supply rail voltages will be checked all connectors will be removed, cleaned and reconnected, all dust is blown out (Electronics worst enemy) then after the system has been restored we check the condition and functionality of peripheral devices - as required.

Monitors, printers, scanners, modems and routers etc - are NOT included.


  • Clean all connectors, blow out dust.
  • Remove tarnish and re-seat Memory modules.
  • Check Voltages, renew CPU heat paste (if required).
  • Check harddrive directory structure and cleanup.
  • Backup per PC (to your hardware ) - OPTIONAL.

  • Clean all connectors, check voltages & blow out dust.
  • CCTV - check hard drive/s - clear old data.
  • Test backup battery and replace as required - (min. every 4 years).
  • Test camera/detector range and function, Siren's test.
  • Liase with Security control room where necessary.

Prices start from $60 inquire via "contact us"


(To be PAID on completion - No accounts).

These services are provided on demand and can be either as an onsite service call or performed as bench services (free local pickup). All services are paid per hour or part there of, all payments for services are paid on pick up or return, unless prior arrangements have been made and agreed to by all parties.


  • PC Maintenance and repairs - as well as software installation.
  • PC Upgrades, HDD to SSD, memory, Graphics cards etc.
  • PC backups via customer provided or supplied external Hard drive.
  • New systems, peripherals, Upgrade components.
  • NBN and network setup available, Network attached storage (NAS).
  • Optional - report emailed within 7 days after completion.
Prices start from $45.00 inquire via "contact us"


  • Some Phone and Tablet screen repairs.
  • SIM RACING MODS (load cells, dashes etc).
  • 3D Printing Services - your design we print.
  • Sales and service of CAREALERT emergency dialers.
  • Workshop bench repairs of Windows based PC's.
  • Return customers get a 10% discount on all new equipment sales.
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