CareAlert Medical dialler

About the CareAlert Dialler

The CareAlert dialler is an Australian designed and manufactured product that conforms to the Australian Standard AS4607 for medical alerting systems. It can be used in Homes, Aged care facilities, Construction, Comercial Retail stores, anywhere the individual needs a safety or medical link to either a monitoring service and/or a work supervisor or friend/family. We have a version (coming soon) to help protect people on holidays while caravan and camping, the CareAlert dialler can also be used to alert you if your caravan is being burguled or an attempt is being made to tow the caravan away.

Please note: The dialler is dependant on mobile coverage from carriers such as Telstra and Optus. Also Note: If device is used for NON Medical reasons 10% GST is applicable.

Here are some examples of how the CareAlert system can be used for communication and help protect your property while travelling or at work etc ...

  • Tilt switches mounted on the caravan drawbar.
  • Magnetic door switches on caravan doors.
  • A standard telephone can be connected to make calls in and out.
  • A siren/strobe light can be connected to alert other campers.
  • Emergency button in unsafe work areas.
  • For more information go to our Contacts Page.

HOW you can save money

The dialler can operate via Voice Over IP (internet), standard phone line (PSTN) and over the 3G/4G mobile network which means it can operate independant of NBN services. Money can be saved by disconnecting your old PSTN phone line and connecting your existing landline phone/s to the dialler and using the dialler as your main means of communication. Upto 5 line numbers can be programmed into the dialler so in the event of an emergency the dialler will contact a relative or friend in sequence, to all the numbers programmed into the dialler including "000".

You can record a short message which will be played back to person that has been contacted automattically by the dialler, the message can include you name address/location and that it is an emergency. The called person can with the press of a button on their phone establish a hands free 2-way communication path with you. You can then explain your situation and instruct the calling party what you want done etc.

Thus saving even more money on monitoring services. The CareAlert dialler is also capable of being programmed to call a monitoring service where the monitoring centre handles all calls and communication on a 24/7 basis 365 days a year. As humans we all like to enjoy going out seeing friends etc or may be in a situation where it is not possible to answer a call. That scenario will never happen when connected to a monitored service.

When you go on holiday you simply pack up your dialler and phone and put it in your caravan, change the recording with location turn on any security devices you may have with your CareAlert system and sit back and enjoy your holiday with the "peace of mind" knowing you have backup in case of an emergency or a bugular.

  • Connect a siren, scare away would be prowler or home invaders.
  • CAN be connected to Monitoring Centre.
  • Pendant batteries can be replaced easily.
  • All pendants are waterproof.
  • Minimum of 40 Hour back up battery.

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