I am a semi-retired qualified technician with a passion for Sim Racing, I am based in the Carina area of Brisbane but use a shop owned by a friend for any drop offs (outside the Carina local area) you may need to get to me (see page footer). I may be semi-retired but I still believe in offering true customer service by supporting the Local PC and Sim Racing community with good solid products.

I started out in the 80's servicing computers when the TRS-80, Atari 400 and Apple II were the rage, I had a small shop at Annerley above a PC retail store known as "Considering Computers".

From then I went back to the communications industry as well as security & CCTV, In 2004 I had a "C" change and travelled to Thailand where I taught English in Schools and privately. On my return from Thailand spent the bulk of my working career in Nursecall and duress systems mainly in aged care facilities and hospitals. And now in semi-retirement I have settled down to just service Windws base PC systems and some phone and tablet repairs. My ABN is 34 167 948 088 and not registered for GST.


As I am a qualified communications technician the work performed is in accordance to the Australian standards and governed by Queensland law. New warrantees are as per manufacturers specifications which is usually 12 months "Back to base". Second hand or pre-used parts are covered by a 3 months "Back to Base" warranty, when used parts are the only option those parts will be declared prior to fitting and with the approval of the customer.

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